May 27

…a sower went out to sow. Matthew 13:3

The sower is Jesus, and He distributes little parcels of living power through His word.  The word of Jesus lies waiting to explode with life when it is germinated by the Spirit of God.  The Christian life is not a building that we keep adding bits to; it is a tree, and it grows by the principle of life that it contains within itself.  Christ and His word are one, and He is the life that He imparts to us through His word.  The great principle of seed, both in the natural and in the spiritual, is death and resurrection, for this is the DNA of Christ and the secret of spiritual growth.  As we lose our lives, so we discover that we have gained.  The second great principle of spiritual growth revealed in the parable of the sower, is that life cannot germinate in a divided heart.  If there is competition, the seed will not function at all.  For the word to germinate, a believer must embrace the word with their whole heart.  This is because the word brings us to nothing, and so to life from the dead.  If we are pursuing the things of the world, we will not be brought to nothing.  If we are worried and careful about many things, we will not be able to focus on the power of the cross.  The word that Jesus sows, and that lies in our hearts, is ‘all or nothing’.  Go the whole way, yield all, let the word have its way in your heart, and discover the matchless wonder of the explosive power of Christ within to shape your life.