May 19

…according to His abundant mercy… 1 Peter 1.3

God is abundant. There is nothing stingy or mean about Him. He cannot give in a way that leaves us feeling He has withheld His best. The hindrances to receiving lie in the human mind. So often we are small-minded, and think that there is little blessing coming our way. In other words, it is unbelief that hinders God. Think rightly about God, think rightly about the measure of blessing that is yours. This does not mean that you will have no problems, nor does it mean that you will have no lack. Paul was often hungry, weary and sleepless – 2 Corinthians 11:27. Nevertheless, Paul was filled with abundant joy and hope, full to overflowing with the Holy Spirit. It is this incredible abundance that marks God’s dealings with His people. We need to exchange our mean views of God for the accurate view that He will pour out upon us such an abundance of mercy that it will transform our lives into joy-filled ones, constantly full of His love and goodness. God’s people are filled with all the fullness that is in Christ. That indicates a fullness of compassion that is constantly expecting God to work. When we touch God, it is like touching a dam behind which a huge pressure of abundant mercy is waiting to be poured out when our faith breaks through, and His mercy is lavished upon us.