February 8

Also for Adam and his wife the Lord God made tunics of skin, and clothed them. Genesis 3:21

There is extreme tenderness and love in the way God dealt with the sinful pair. He applied correction and yet at the same time reached out to show them love and protection. Behind these words lies the fact that God killed animals in order to clothe Adam and Eve with skins to protect them from the cold. God’s face must have been bathed with tears as He shed the animals’ blood. Father, Son and Holy Spirit were declaring through this act that there was a plan to clothe sinners with righteousness. Was it lambs that were slain to clothe them? Perhaps. Certainly, God was moved by all the events. How our sins grieve His heart and hinder His plans for the human race. Yet how wonderful is His love, that reacts with such concern over His loved ones having to feel all the lostness and pain of their new condition. God demonstrated that His love was not exhausted by their sin. Let God demonstrate His love for you. He longs to clothe you with His love, with His best robe, with a ring on your finger. If He loved a guilty pair like this, what will He not do for His returning children who reach out in brokenness and repentance to know Him? God has many garments to clothe us with – garments of praise, joy and power. Let Him take away the garments of mourning, and fill you with joy.