March 24

And do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one. Matthew 6:13

This is a prayer for deliverance, and as such it is simple and direct. Believers are not slaves of Satan, but how quickly we get entangled in things that bind us to some pattern of thought or feeling. Our lives are complex, and our liberty in Christ is maintained by God’s constant deliverance from snares that are in our way. This prayer expresses what believers must constantly be conscious of – that we are able to continue in liberty only by the mercy of God. We do not know ourselves, and we do well not to boast too loudly about how spiritual or holy we are. We need deliverance, and God will provide it for the person who walks with Him. If we yield to temptation then we need deliverance to set us back on the right track. Watch the areas of your own particular weakness, whether it be in imagination or in pride of heart. Watch the things that trip you up, and pray for wisdom and understanding so that you may be delivered from the snares of sin. This prayer shows the true humility of the disciple, praying daily for cleansing so that we may be able to abide in the Presence of Jesus.