December 31

…and He indicated that He would have gone farther. Luke 24:28

The hearts of the two men on the Emmaus road burned in them as Jesus drew near – Luke 24:32 – but not as much as His heart burned.  He is filled with desire to ‘take us further’ – to show us more, to release us from tiredness and burdens and enlarge our capacity.  He is not disappointed in you – that is not the basis on which He appeals to you to go further – it is because He has great plans for you, and longs to fulfil them in your life.  “He indicated…” – in other words, He touched their hearts and gave them the option.  Perhaps He pointed ahead, or opened another avenue of Scripture in their minds that they had never noticed before.  But they declined to respond to His prompting.  No doubt they were interested, but not interested enough to pursue the matter with Him there and then.  The Lord wants to take you further.  There are so many things that we can’t even guess are just around the corner, if we will only throw off our petty feelings and follow Him.  There is a great new door opening – don’t hesitate, go through it with Him.