July 16

And I heard the sound of harpists playing their harps. They sang as it were a new song… Revelation 14:2-3

In our hearts there is something like a musical instrument; the Bible likens it to a harp. But it is totally silent and unused until God touches it. Like an old instrument with broken strings which is covered in dust and dirt, it cannot fulfil the purpose for which it was made. The unregenerate human heart is in a state of appalling ruin. A traveller through the desert might see a mound which in former years was a bustling, vibrant city. Similarly, the human heart is an empty ruin until touched by God’s hand. When we first hear the gospel, the hand of God brushes across the strings of our heart, producing beautiful music that echoes through our minds and our souls. We are to spend our lives allowing God to play the strings of our hearts, and learning to produce this music ourselves. Our hearts become the sum and excellence of all beauty when in the hands of God. The beautiful sound is His love, and the result is praise to His name. No-one can find the meaning of life and the true meaning of joy until they have surrendered their life into the hands of the Master.