April 13

And in the daytime He was teaching in the temple, but at night He went out and stayed on the mountain called Olivet. Luke 21:37

The Mount of Olives was a place of olive trees. The inference is clear – Jesus went out to abide in the flow of oil from the throne of grace. Though olive oil itself was not a perfume, yet it was the basis of fragrant anointing oil. There can be no doubt that, when Jesus first came into the world, perfume entered the world. Just as the woman anointed Him with the best, sweet perfume, so He brought the best perfume to the world, to anoint a sinful world. The women brought sweet spices to Jesus’ tomb, and there was no smell of death there. The perfume did not mask the smell of death, for Jesus’ body did not decay – death was swallowed up by life, and the perfume of life filled the tomb. Jesus comes to us to swallow up the smell of death – the world, the disappointments, the hurts and sins that have caused our garments to smell so badly. We need to learn the rhythm of His life – moving from the ‘mountain of grace’ to the needs of mankind. As we receive that oil on our lives, so we also have something that will transform the neediest person we will ever meet.