December 6

And it happened after ten days that the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah. Jeremiah 42:7

Jeremiah set his heart to listen to God on behalf of the people, and it was only after ten days that God’s answer came to him.  Patience in listening and looking up are the most precious qualities of the prophet.  Patience is a never-failing spring of life for God’s people.  It is part of the bedrock of our relationship with Him.  We know that He hears us, and for that reason we will wait for Him until He answers.  I am not to be ‘patient’ until I have had enough of waiting, and then stomp off in a huff exclaiming: “I have been patient long enough!”  That is not patience!  Patience makes me rest in His love and His faithfulness; it makes me know that I simply have to wait till He chooses, in His wisdom, to answer me.  God has heard your prayers, now let your heart come to rest in that great comforting fact, and wait for His response.