January 2

And the Lord has laid on Him the iniquity of us all. Isaiah 53:6

Our faith in Christ does not begin with DO, but with DONE. This verse in Isaiah is written in the past tense, as the Lord speaks of His finished work, through the mouthpiece of the prophet. Our walk with God is only ever possible because we have been forgiven, and this is something we must realise has already been done. We are to enter into the good of it, not by doing but by believing. The work that God has already done is to produce in me the life of Christ Himself. I have in me the acceptance of God through the work of His Son. But more than that, I have the life that has already fully pleased God; “…you are complete in Him” – Colossians 2:10. I am only able to live this life from the position of rest, where all striving has ceased and I worship and thank Him. If we can keep our eyes on this great DONE, then we will never again live as those who are the bottom of the class, who struggle to pass, whose best is never quite enough. We have the life in us that has satisfied the Father’s heart, and because of this we have ‘passed the exam’ with distinction from the beginning. Are you looking at yourself and what you have to achieve today? Then stop and look at Calvary, and then step joyfully into the day, with the spring in your step of knowing that you are accepted in Christ. Let your doing be a song of praise to Him.