December 27

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us… John 1:14

Greek philosophers wrote of their quest for the ‘logos’, which was the unifying force or theory that held the whole universe together. They believed this ‘logos’ was a force or a mathematical equation. Einstein knew that his discoveries fell short of this ‘logos’. But John here tells us that the ‘logos’ is a person, named Jesus Christ. He is the unifying personality that holds together the mystery of the created universe, the mystery of moral conscience, and the love of God that gives purpose to everything. Without Jesus, we would know that the Creator is intelligent, and we would have a keen sense of right and wrong through our conscience. But these are not enough. We need to know what God is like. Christ reveals God in the most perfect way that He could ever be revealed. He is the exact, accurate expression of God’s heart and of God’s ways. As we look on Jesus Christ, we understand that God is merciful to sinners and to people who fail. We see that He is forgiving and humble. We see that He has a servant heart and is happy washing the feet of people who have argued through selfish pride. We see that God is inexpressibly perfect, good and loving. We also see that He has total authority over the universe, and is able to change our lives and heal whoever comes to Him. In Christ we see the wonder of grace and truth, humility and majesty, love and power, all in one perfect Person.