February 3

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb… Revelation 12:11

This is one of the great keys in the believer’s life to victory over the powers of darkness. Some people have emphasised the actual mention of the word ‘blood’ as the key to this victory – the thing that Satan cannot stand. But the truth is that the blood really refers to God’s own Being and life – undiluted, uncreated, and poured out in love at Calvary upon sinful humanity. The result was that God, by His Being, swallowed up and destroyed the whole spirit of human rebellion. We overcome Satan by drinking spiritually of that raw, undiluted, living, uncreated Presence of God. The effect in us is as dynamic as it was on the cross. It cannot be otherwise, since the blood will never lose its power to wash away and destroy the power of sin, and take away the grounds for Satan to work in a person’s life. So don’t just sing about the blood, don’t just use the word when you pray. Drink in the Presence of Him who has overcome for us. Satan is terrified of Christ in us. The blood does not mean that Christ is in us merely as a guest. No, He is in us – in our minds, our wills, and our affections. The picture is powerful, and the results are astounding. We overcome Satan by the blood of the Lamb.