August 21

And when the dew fell on the camp in the night, the manna fell on it. Numbers 11:9

There were no fanfares to announce the delivery of thousands of tons of food in the camp of Israel. The miracle was accomplished every day, unnoticed, silently and effortlessly. God’s people slept while God did His work unaided and in total rest. First the dew formed in perfect silence; there was no thunderous tropical downpour to water the desert floor. Then, on the cool refreshed earth and rock, God laid the grains of manna. We, in turn, must quieten ourselves from worry, fear and striving in order to wait silently before God. Many people try to measure God’s work by noise and bustle, but as we quieten ourselves we perceive His hand at work, and perceive that we have often missed His working. While we wait on God, He imparts a grace and power, the flavour of His character, and our hearts are fed with the knowledge of God and His ways. We are strengthened with patience. The result is refreshment and sustenance, and how strong this sustenance is, for it is the living Presence of Christ Himself.