April 20

And when they had prayed, the place where they were assembled together was shaken… Acts 4:31

This was a wonderful and surely unexpected result of the prayers of Peter and John and their fellow believers.  The impact must have been to make them aware of the awesome power of God.  It is not clear how widespread the earthquake was, but it was not destructive, it was instructive.  From it they realised that God is over all.  In a similar way, prayer should lead to an earthquake in our thinking and living – to a radical and powerful change in our perspective and our sense of God’s power.  Our faith is impacted most of all through prayer, and to the prayerful person, faith is a ‘natural’ instinct.  Pray, pour out your soul to God, do not live in the shadow of things that threaten.  Lift up your voice, cry to God and watch the world around you tremble, and things that threaten collapse.  The chief priests and elders who had arrested and threatened Peter and John did not disappear, but their threats were ineffective to people whose faith was impacted with the matchless Presence of God.