October 16

And where I go you know, and the way you know. John 14:4

When Jesus spoke of His death, He did not speak of it as a goal or as an end of things, but as a door. His destination was to return to Father. When we travel, we may speak of going to the railway station or the airport, but we mention these as incidental to our journey. The destination is the important thing. Jesus was here seeking to instil in His followers the majestic consciousness of eternity. Don’t think of death as a big ending. Think of it as a door – life continues right on through it. Of course, we feel the excitement of the unknown – we have never passed this way before. But it is the excitement of the big dipper or the high dive! Many of us may have declined to go on the extreme rides at the fun park. Or perhaps we have stood on the highest diving board and turned away in fear. But death is the beginning of a great adventure for those who believe Jesus Christ, and the correct view of our life is to see it stretching on and on, passing through the various landmarks on the way. Viewing things in the right perspective is the only way to obtain true enjoyment of eternal life now. Eternal life will not begin when we die – it begins the moment we believe in Jesus Christ.