July 14

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household. Acts 16:31

Paul declared to the Philippian jailer the liberating truth that, if he would believe, the effect on him and his family would be immediate and life-transforming. Paul obviously spoke with passion, but passion is not enough – he spoke by the Holy Spirit, and his words were received into believing hearts. What Paul spoke was creative – it came into being. The man believed it, and it became to him a prophecy of his future. Let God’s truth move from being information to being personal prophecy, for that is the right way to receive it. Don’t wish you had been there to hear Paul say those words. You have been placed where you are in time. Paul’s words to the jailer are as much addressed to you as they were to him. God has caused His Word to be written in such a perfect way that it will liberate whoever reads it with a believing heart. The force of these simple words is the same today as when they were first spoken. If we believe in Jesus Christ, His power will change us and affect our families, including generations to come. The miracle of a believing heart is to release the almighty power of God’s Word and realise that the Bible is a Spirit-breathed book of prophecy, not just a textbook!