October 3

Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. Matthew 5:5

Meekness is state of heart that comes to someone who has said goodbye to their old life. It is the attitude of a lamb, and indicates an inner ability to be led by the Holy Spirit. When we lose the aggressive spirit of the world, we might think that we will lose out on all the things that worldly people achieve by their grasping and striving. But God here promises that those who let go of the ownership of their lives and of this world’s goods shall find that they will own far more than those who love this present world. God is the One who will distribute the goods of this world. They all belong to Him, and He gives them to whoever He wills. God here declares that the earth and everything in it will one day belong to those who have let go of it. A person who clings to heavy gold when they fall into the sea, will either sink with it, or let it go so that they might be saved. The true disciple of Jesus has let go of this world at the deepest level of their being, and has become a meek lamb who can be led in God’s will. Jesus is the Lamb of God – He let go of every right and privilege that was His to claim. The result is that He has been given all things in heaven and in earth. On the divine balance sheet, to grasp, to cling and to demand is to lose everything. To release and let go of our life and of every right is to enter into the lamb-like nature that God anoints with power over all the enemies of mankind, and which will one day rule over the earth itself.