July 23

But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her. Luke 10:42

Our supreme need is to sit at Jesus’ feet and to hear His word. All other ‘needs’ are not in themselves true problems – they are effects, not causes. This is why Jesus did not give medical knowledge to His disciples, or start food programmes (these would be necessary later – see Acts 6). Our supreme need is to have the word of God, to quieten ourselves and listen to God. This requires patience, and a steady application to His written Word, and to the inner witness of the Holy Spirit. Mary chose to hear His word, and so she was a worshipper, delighting herself in Him, loving Him and expressing that love by carefully listening. Mary made this choice, and so taught us that this is a matter of exercising our will, to respond to the longing of His heart for a people who will hear Him and love His word. Mary clearly did not do this for fame, money or position. She did not sit at His feet in order to avoid work. She chose Him without ulterior motive, but with a deep realisation that He was more delighted in her attitude than in any food she might have prepared for Him. Jesus gives a great promise to those whose attitude leads them to make such a choice – it will be preserved for them for the whole of their life. He will not allow any power to rob us of this attitude. He will fiercely defend those who love Him.