February 21

But where sin abounded, grace abounded much more. Romans 5:20

This is not the idea that sin makes God gracious – far from it!  This is the declaration of the fact that sin’s power is terrible and spreads like a rampant weed, but that the cross far exceeds the power of sin.  We all know that sin is powerful; in fact it is common to us all that in our experience it is one of the most powerful things in this world.  It invaded the world, bringing misery, destruction and death.  There is only one thing more powerful than sin, and that is God.  So God poured Himself out on the problem of sin and destroyed it in Himself.  This act of God was so powerful and so effective, that it cannot really be compared with the power of sin.  That is why the emphasis of this verse is “much more”.  What God has done and has given us is much more than to counteract sin.  Christ did not repress or weaken sin – He destroyed it in Himself, so that we might know the power of Him in us.  People have been tyrannised so long that they live looking over their shoulders, expecting sin to raise its ugly head.  We need a long, steady realisation that the grace of Christ is much more than enough to deliver us.