January 29

By faith he forsook Egypt… Hebrews 11:27

Do not love the world… 1 John 2:15

The key word here is ‘forsake’. It conveys the radical nature of the action – total and irreversible. Such a powerful turning away from the world can only be done by faith. It requires a miracle from God for us to utterly abandon Egypt and cut every link with it. What does this mean practically? It means that we are to forsake every lust that draws us to worldly pursuits and pleasures that are inconsistent with our walk with God. We bring those lusts to the place of execution – the cross. We condemn them to death, and by faith we see their power broken. Our hearts are liberated to enjoy Christ and His Presence to the extent to which they are unentangled with the world. So pilgrim, stand up, shake off the world and get on your journey. Your eyes are on Christ and His kingdom, and to gain that, you are willing to suffer the loss of all things. We lose our life that we may gain a better one.