February 11

Come up here… Revelation 4:1

John had just seen the Churches in Asia through the eyes of Christ [Revelation 2-3]. The seven Churches of Asia were his home Churches. John lived in Ephesus, and doubtless visited all of them regularly before his imprisonment on the island of Patmos. Now he had just seen some of the Churches as quite cold, lifeless, formal and declining, while others were in better shape but undergoing persecution. How grieved John must have felt. Then God showed him heaven, and caused him to know that nothing had changed on the eternal level. It doesn’t matter whether our problems are big or small, they can overwhelm us if we lose sight of heaven. Come up here! Rise to hear the heavenly choir. Look up to see the throne and the sovereign Lord ruling the world. It is sometimes easier to recognise God’s will and plan for others than for ourselves. God is in charge of all things affecting you. Trust Him, worship Him, love and adore Him. Let your song today be the song of triumph.