April 22

Do not be not afraid, only believe. Mark 5:36

This was the word of Jesus to Jairus in the darkest hour of Jairus’ life. His daughter had died – the news had been passed to him moments before. It seemed Jesus had come too late and all hope had gone. But God is never too late; it is in the darkest hour that our light arises and hope comes. The temptation at these moments is to give up hope, to give in to despair, and to abandon the foundations of our lives, most of all to doubt God’s love. This is the pathway of fear and unbelief that opens to try and swallow us up. The word of Jesus flashes incisive in the darkness, and strikes to the heart of the enemy. The word of Jesus is creative and powerful, and so here an illogical hope was born in Jairus’ heart. As he turned to follow the Saviour, he must have known that death, sickness and failure were not in charge. Yes, they threaten us, but they do not have the last word. Jesus rises like the dawning of a never-ending day. Let this illogical but certain hope fill your heart today.