January 4

…dwelling in unapproachable light, whom no man has seen or can see… 1 Timothy 6:16

It is common to us all to want to be in control of our lives and of all that is around us. We want to be able to oversee our lives – so that nothing is out of sight or out of reach. But this is precisely what makes our lives so dry and empty. It is the qualities in God that are beyond us that make Him so exciting. It is not just that He is saying wonderful things about us. It is He HIMSELF that is the delight. To begin to pin God down is like pretending I’ve known something all my life. “Oh, I’ve always known that”, or “I’ve known that for years”. There is a side to God which will never be known to us, simply because God is so much greater than we can ever say. Just imagine that there could be ten new colours in heaven that you have never seen. No-one can describe them because no-one has anything to compare them with on earth. Similarly, there are things in God’s love, power and holiness that are beyond our power even to guess at. This should cause us to think more worthily of Him and to worship Him. He is God, and He alone. If we can lift our minds for only a few minutes each day to consider Him as He truly is, then some of that glory will be reflected in our lives. We will be nobler, better people. The best thought we can ever think is God. There is no higher, more mind-stretching, more beautiful activity than to worship Him.