January 15

…each one (of the seraphim) had six wings: with two he covered his face… Isaiah 6:2

These mighty angels have been sinless and faithful to God since the day of their creation. When they cover their faces, it is not because of guilt or shame, remorse or repentance. There is nothing remotely negative in this act. They have no sense of unworthiness or need, since such things are the fruits of sin and separation from God. Their beings are filled with the wonder of the majestic holiness and beauty of God, and their response is to shield their faces from the brightness which is so overwhelming. We can learn from their response something of the hidden wonder of God, whom we know in part. He is matchless in love and mercy but also in holiness. He loves you more than you can ever imagine or guess, and He burns with deeper fires of holiness than the human mind can conceive. The effect of God’s Presence on those beings who have surrounded him since eternity past, is to cause them to cover their faces in worship and wonder. The cry of those who love Him is that they may know Him as He is.