February 26

Enter by the narrow gate… Matthew 7:13

The narrow gate is the cross of Jesus Christ, and the narrow path is the path of discipleship, which means taking up your cross daily. The point is that the narrow gate and path are a filter. The cross is a filter applied to our lives by the Holy Spirit. It is a filter through which we pass, and yet we come through still recognisable, but with the nature of sin removed. The filter removes things and at the same time imparts the love of God. Let your motives be sifted and filtered by the Holy Spirit; let the Holy Spirit’s fire purify your motives and your emotions and your will. The result is that you enter into another realm, for the narrow gate is a gate into another world – another kingdom, where different values operate. The result of passing through this gate is liberation. We are freed from all the clutter of a worldly soul, and we find we can freely walk and have like-minded fellowship with the Son of God.