April 3

…exhausted but still in pursuit. Judges 8:4

These words capture the greatness of Gideon. He was exhausted, or ‘faint’ (KJV), and that means that all his body was screaming at him to give in, that he deserved a rest, that he had done enough for one day. But Gideon simply went on, and doubtless risked his life in the process. The final push is the one that we make with our last strength, and it is what we do with our last strength that will decide whether we will have total victory. It is not that Gideon showed us that we must be super-human; he showed us we must be clear in our hearts that there is nothing else but victory that consumes us. Defeat is not an option; allowing little sins to trip us up is not to be entertained. Obstacles serve to exercise us; they are not the barrier to our progress. They are there to ‘flex the muscles’ of our minds and spirits to push on further. Some people faint when there is absolutely no need. Fainting is then a means of drawing attention to their pain and strain. Gideon despised the pain and stress of his body and soul, and pressed on, not seeking an audience. It is the same with Christ – there is not even the slightest hint of fatigue in His words – He pressed on. Press on, and press home the victory.