April 19

Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do. Luke 23:34

This was Jesus’ first cry from the cross, addressing the number one need of mankind – “Father, forgive them”.  Don’t rush over this; dwell on it, drink from this cup and let the healing stream flow over you now.  Jesus is the Master of the human being, and knows exactly what we need.  Jesus knows full well that the deepest need of our beings is to be forgiven.  Forgiveness lies at the heart of release and deliverance from so many burdens of our minds and bodies.  Tensions in us lead to tearing and heaviness.  The answer is forgiveness.  Jesus has power to forgive sins; ultimately, He alone has that power.  He dissolves guilt’s chain from around our necks and it disappears like wax before a flame.  Let Jesus minister to you and you will find that He begins here, at the deepest need of the human heart.