March 9

…Father, glorify Me together with Yourself… John 17:5

At first this prayer seems uncharacteristically selfish, since Jesus was praying for His own glory.  But we need to understand it in the same way as someone who says to a guest: “Honour me with your presence.”  Jesus’ prayer is based on a sense of the Father’s greatness and glory.  It is full of the fear and love of God.  Jesus’ prayer is centred on the Being and Person of the Father.  This prayer is astoundingly simple; it is really: “I love you!”  The prayer goes on to develop this passion, asking for the wonder of the indwelling of the Father to be extended to the disciples, and to all those who will believe in Jesus.  This is His prayer for Himself and for us: “Swallow Me up in Yourself, Father, and swallow up these also!”  Echo this prayer.  Present yourself and be swallowed up into the Person of God the Father.  We swallow the bread and wine in the communion, and this represents what God wants to do with us, as much as what we want to do with Him.  In fact the act is mutual – we drink Him and He drinks us in.  To be filled with God is God’s will for our lives.