June 13

‘Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of men.’ They immediately left their nets and followed Him. Mark 1:17-18

This moment of Peter’s call is the starting point of ‘The Way’, as the Christian gospel was first known (see Acts 9:2). Meeting Jesus Christ means being confronted with a huge choice, on a level we never knew existed before. It means that we become aware that there is a level of life totally different from anything we have ever dreamed of. This call stirs a longing deep in our hearts, awakening us to the awareness of a purpose that fills all of life with meaning. Not to know the call is to live without meaning. To follow this call will cost you everything you have. Peter and his fellow disciples left their nets immediately – there is no indication of any preparation. They were suddenly faced with a spiritual reality that presented itself and then would pass on, with or without them. They answered with an act of renunciation. The call was not to a ministry or to a country – it was to be with a Person who captivated their affections and their will. They were drawn to Jesus. The call is the sense of being drawn to something irresistible – the spiritual, magnetic force of Jesus. It cannot be explained in merely rational terms. People give up fortunes, crowns, the love of their life, just to belong to Someone that they cannot see, nor prove in philosophical logic. Jesus is the focal point of the call of God. God faces us with Jesus again and again. He is presented to us as the key, the explanation, the goal, the destiny. We are called to follow Him wherever it may lead.