March 22

Give us this day our daily bread. Matthew 6:11

This prayer contains at first sight what seems a needless repetition.  “This day” and “daily” convey in English almost identical thoughts.  But Jesus uses a unique word here, which Campbell Morgan translates as the ‘bread of existence’, or the ‘bread that keeps us going on’.  Notice that God is providing our sustenance both physically and spiritually in a way that keeps us moving forward, looking to Him.  If we have enough to live on for the rest of our lives, we do not need to pray this prayer – in fact we can dispense with God for our physical needs!  This thought should strike a chill into our bones – that we could ever live independently of God.  God does not want to give us beyond our immediate need, so that we will live in constant dependence on Him.  As we do so, we are sure to go on with God.  This is the only explanation of why we often go through periods of leanness, since it is only through this that we will lift up our eyes in trust to our Provider God.  Rejoice because all that you need today will be provided.  Tomorrow’s needs can be forgotten till the new day has dawned.  Learn to live in child-like abandon and watch the oil of joy flow in as you go on with God.