July 5

God is Spirit… John 4:24

Spirit is the dimension of God’s Being. God does not have a body as human beings do. This means that God can both indwell and be indwelt. Fallen mankind does not know what ‘spirit’ is. Our eye rests on flesh and on external things. This means that faith is unnatural to us. When the Spirit of God comes to us, we suddenly become aware of the realm of the supernatural. The Spirit imparts faith immediately, bringing us to life on the inside, making us aware of God and the reality of heaven and angels etc. ‘Spirit’ also refers to the essence or heart of a person. When we think of God’s Spirit, we should think of God’s innermost Being – His heart. When God pours out His Spirit, He pours out His heart. Christians rightly pray for God to pour out His Spirit, but often they do not realise the greatness of this request – that God should pour out and commit His innermost person to the lives of human beings. God rightly waits until our hearts are broken and deeply repentant before He will commit His precious inner self in this way. The outpouring of God’s Spirit must be met by a similar act in us. Do it, pour out your spirit, and see how God responds.