January 24

….God …. rested Genesis 2:3

God finished all His work and then rested.  We are transported by this word to the cross, when Christ cried, “It is finished” and then entered into rest.  On both occasions the emphasis is not on physical rest, for, as the Bible reveals, God does not grow tired or old!  Here the emphasis is on the rest of satisfaction, of fulfilled longing.  A man who falls in love is restless, but not tired.  So, too, God could only rest after He had created human beings, who were the whole reason the world had come into being.  Then sin entered the human race, and God had a restless longing to make a way back for humanity.  Through the cross, God has entered into the rest of the fulfilment of His deepest longings.  He has done everything to win us back; and every time we enter His Presence it is as if we hear music, singing, joy and delight, for the rest of God is not sleepy, but full of joy.  God has done it, and He welcomes us in.  Enter into His rest today.