March 18

Hallowed be Your name. Matthew 6:9

The first thing we are to pray for is that the Father’s name may be sanctified – set apart for honour and devotion.  The German Pentecostal pioneer Jonathan Paul had a remarkable gift of healing.  Once, when he prayed for a man, he asked him, “For whose glory do you want to be healed?”  With this right foundation established, he was enabled to reach out to God and receive the man’s healing.  This question should undergird all our prayers.  For whose glory will the answer to this prayer be?  Is my heart fixed on the glory of God or on my own comfort?  God’s purpose is that His own name be glorified.  This is not because God is seeking to be the first in the queue!  God knows that we humans are damaged by the intensity of the selfishness of sin.  While our needs may be great, our greatest need is to be released from the cycle of selfishness.  Our goal must be His glory – to proclaim His goodness, love, and power.  Paul prayed that God would be glorified whether by His life or His death – Philippians 1:20.  Paul’s prayer was not vague – it was fervent, passionate and clear:  “Hallowed be Your name”.  Once we get hold of this prayer, we are released from all doubt about what we should pray for.  Many prayers will wither and die on our lips because they are not for His glory.  Once God is glorified, our hearts will swell with triumphant faith, flowing from pure motives.