May 25

…He anointed the eyes of the blind man with the clay. John 9:6

True, this clay was made with Jesus’ saliva, but it still must have really irritated the blind man’s eyes to have mud smeared over them. Our eyes are perhaps the most sensitive part of our body, and feel the tiniest speck of dust as a major irritant. The eye is here used by the Lord to teach us the nature of our soul. The soul is as sensitive inwardly as the eye is physically. We guard our eyes from all intrusions, and rightly so, since if we sustain the tiniest wound we might lose our sight. So, too, if we sustain a wound in our souls we can so quickly lose our sense of God. The truth is that our souls are dull and blind to God because of our sins and uncleanness. We keep our inward souls to ourselves, with our longings and disappointments, that we express in the loneliness of a heart that aches for God. God is the only one who can touch our inner ‘eye’ and wash us and make us clean. The touch of Jesus is the touch of love, and it is that touch alone that can reach the needs of our soul. We long for the touch of love, and it comes to us as we hear His voice and respond. Open your inner life to Him and be amazed at the floods of light that will fill you and bring healing and refreshing.