December 25

…He is not ashamed to call them brethren… Hebrews 2:11

In the incarnation, God humbled Himself to reach the human race. Imagine for a moment some highly privileged person, such as the Queen of the England, volunteering to clean the filthy public toilets in a rundown and dangerous area of an inner city. God not only did the equivalent of that – He felt at home doing it. God is not naturally a palace-dweller. He loves to be with poor, deprived people. He is most at home there, drawing them and bringing them to His heaven, where kings wash their servants’ feet. That the King of heaven should lie as a baby in a feeding trough is not remarkable only by the sheer paradox of it. It is most remarkable because it is the expression of God’s ways – it is the most perfect revelation of heaven on earth. To the angels and beings in heaven, it is not unusual to see their King humbled. Christ fitted into humanity like a hand in a glove. God did not display His glory by a remarkable one-off visit to the poor. He displayed His glory by doing what He always does. God was at home in Bethlehem, and in the manger we learn to see the glory that is enthroned on high. Oh come, let us adore Him!