February 22

He (the seed of the woman) shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise His heel. Genesis 3:15

These words were not spoken from some lofty ivory tower. They were spoken in the hour of mankind’s greatest calamity. God’s heart was breaking with sorrow at the failure of His beloved children. Many, if not all, of us have been hurt or filled with sorrow by the wrong decisions of those we love. We would want to protect them, to shield them from the consequences of their actions, but we cannot. But, through the grief that we experience as part of human existence, we can partake of the greatness of God’s character as we learn to respond like Him. In this moment of deepest sorrow, God spoke in poetry – the language of the heart. His words were not condemning; they were promises that He would put all things right again. God’s instant reaction was full of the mercy of Calvary. Remember this in your dark moments, either of personal failure, or grief at the failure of others. God will take the centre stage and declare the power of His Son to redeem and save. The cost is great, but God instinctively and instantly reacts with unfathomable love and grace. Let the poetry, the song of love, comfort you and give you hope. God will wipe away all your tears.