January 21

He who is without sin… John 8:7

There is criminal law and there is spiritual law. It is in this statement that Jesus reveals the difference. Not everyone has broken the letter of the law, but everyone has sinned. It is the trick of the religious mind to believe that it is better than others because it has not committed the sins of the common people. But the sword of the Spirit cuts away this fog and shows us that sin is a spiritual power that has destroyed human ability to claim moral power in ourselves. There is no power in humanity to overcome sin, either at the level of the individual or at the level of governments or religions. Sin is spiritual and has infected the whole race. All of us need a Saviour. Never forget this. As soon as we forget it we begin to judge others and to trust in our own righteousness. It is not long before we are picking up stones to condemn others. Allow the Holy Spirit to keep before your eyes the conviction of sin. It will not crush or condemn you, but will keep you in the place of trusting in grace. It will keep your spirit loving and fragrant before the Lord, and compassionate towards those who fail.