April 23

He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire. Matthew 3:11

John’s prophecy regarding Jesus is one of the greatest regarding the Messiah. It was made on the eve of its fulfilment. Many prophecies were made with centuries awaiting their fulfilment. But this one was linked with Jesus and also was placed centrally as the identifying mark of His ministry. The plain words of John indicate that Jesus will powerfully change and empower the lives of His followers, and this empowerment will involve refining fire and the Holy Spirit. Jesus’ ministry to our hearts is to introduce us to the power of this, His life, and also to maintain this life in us. It is life characterised by the Holy Spirit’s indwelling and by fire. Is the mark of your life blazing zeal and love for Jesus, and an inner commitment to remove all things that could hinder that life from ruling in you? That is the mark that proves that Jesus is at work in you. Don’t compromise on this; don’t settle for anything less.