February 28

Hear my voice, O God, in my meditation Psalm 64:1

What a test of our prayers! Don’t just answer my words Lord, but hear and answer the tone of voice with which I pray! How often do we moan in a self-indulgent way, or sometimes delight with the selfish preoccupation of a child who has got its own way! Lord hear my voice, and let reverence be the spring from which I speak. Let love for God and for others fill my tones. Let strong confidence fill my voice like the trumpet that sounds the victory. Let my voice be filled with confident trust in the faithfulness of God. Truly, God answers a person’s voice and not just the words they speak. We can change our words, but to change our voice we must humble ourselves in a radical way. We cannot pretend, for insincerity is revealed in the voice. We must start where we are, and let reality be in our voices from the outset, and mix this reality with the willingness to change our attitude and our ways. God loves to hear your voice – He loves to hear the real ‘you’ speak. So let Him hear your voice as you pray this day.