June 22

…I am from above. John 8:23

Here is the key to life in the Spirit – dwelling in an unclouded relationship with God. This is Christ’s inner life – the Son with the Father – John 1:18. Christ dwells above with the Father. He has a soaring Spirit, and approaches every situation from the standpoint of the Father’s love and of eternity. This perspective can only be attained by living fellowship with God in Christ. It should come as no surprise to us that the Church is given two wings like those of a great eagle – Revelation 12:14, so that she might escape the onslaught of the devil against her. Sadly, the Church has used other means to fight the powers of darkness, and they have proved weak and ineffectual. Philosophy and education may improve the mind, and prosperity may improve our physical living conditions, but only soaring on eagles’ wings will keep us from the attacks of the powers of darkness. This, then, is a key for all who would know the secret of victory over sin and darkness. Fellowship with Christ makes us soar. Learn the power of a soaring spirit. Learn the secret of coming at life from above, from the eagle’s nest. Rising above has the power to change all of life.