February 19

I counsel you to buy from Me gold… Revelation 3:18

This echoes the cry in Isaiah 55:1 to buy ‘wine without money’. This time Jesus is speaking to His Church. What is the currency by which we can transact with God? Clearly, worldly goods do not impress Him. The currency of heaven is the movement of our hearts towards God. This is why Jesus said this Church at Laodicea was poor – because their hearts were motionless towards Him, neither hot nor cold. They were indifferent. Perhaps this is why Jesus spoke so harshly to them, to evoke a response that would last. For us the challenge is clear: keep your heart moving to God. Don’t become passive and indifferent. Stir up your heart to lay hold of God’s promises. Here the promise is that we can buy ‘gold’, which is character built on genuine faith. Not only is this something money can’t buy, it is of untold value. The soul that buys this has made a good investment, for the greatest yields come not in retirement, but in heaven!