January 11

I have been crucified with Christ… Galatians 2:20

These words are perhaps the most sublime ever written.  They describe the incredible fact that, by the grace of God, we are ushered into the place where God’s love reached its greatest expression.  Salvation is eternally secure because we are made to partake of the foundations of God’s life.  The amazing fact about God is that He is love, and such a love that empties itself, and pours itself out for others.  The child of God has been rooted in the same quality of life that makes God so amazing.  In other words, His amazing life is in us.  It is not only that we have God’s love in our hearts; but we have the purest love – the love of Calvary – poured into us.  This is what makes the child of God so much more than Adam was even in Eden.  He had the potential to have fellowship with God, and thus to let God fill him with this love.  But the sinner can only be saved by the love of Calvary.  This love is the door, and then we discover that it is the essence of God’s Being, and that we are called to fellowship with God continually in this love, and to manifest it.  God does not ask us to attain the love of Calvary; He has given us that love as a gift.  All we must do is believe and let that love flow.