January 12

I have been crucified with Christ… Galatians 2:20

This means that the believer has a cross in his or her heart. By this I do not mean cruel nails and a crown of thorns, but that there is in the heart of the believer the instinct of self-emptying – of esteeming others higher than ourselves, of taking the lower seat, of washing the disciples’ feet. No-one can ever hope to fulfil the royal law unless there is a mighty urge inside to do so. No-one can love grudgingly. The miracle of the cross is that, by it, I am made one with God. This is the true miracle of the baptism with the Spirit. Never lose sight of it. Don’t be deflected from it. You were made one with God by the death of Jesus and the gift of the Holy Spirit. This should revolutionise your whole thinking about yourself and God. He is in you -not some extension of God, not some remote distant outpost in the Kingdom of God. No, God Himself is in you in His essence and in His greatest form. You have been empowered by the Presence of the uncreated God in your heart. Dare to believe it; wonder and worship and let your heart rejoice in what He has made you.