September 12

If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit. Galatians 5:25

Travelling throughout this world is fascinating, and there are many people who devote themselves to seeking out its most beautiful sights. But this is all horizontal movement, while all the time there is another world to discover, and to find this we only need to have fellowship with God. The Kingdom of God is in the Spirit. We can step out of this world and into God’s Presence, where we can walk, explore, and discover that world’s beautiful sights and sounds. The Kingdom of God is at hand and within the reach of anyone who loves God. The sights of earth cause us to wonder at the glory of creation, but the sight of God by faith causes a reaction that is unlike anything we have experienced on earth. Walking in the Spirit causes our hearts to be washed, our character to be renewed, our love to grow and our faith to rise on eagle’s wings. One step in the Spirit is more exciting and more fulfilling than a lifetime of travel. The person who walks with God has travelled much further than any explorer – and that is the appropriate word. The explorers who set out years ago to discover the source of the Nile endured dangers, drudgery, pain and hunger, separation from loved ones, and all just to find another bit of the jigsaw puzzle of the map of Africa. Walking in the Spirit involves repentance and setting aside other things in order to attain the goal of knowing God, but the rewards are indescribably great. There is power to live a wholesome life, drawing on the boundless inspiration of the Presence of God.