August 20

If you seek Him, He will let you find Him… But in their distress they turned to the Lord God of Israel, and they sought Him and He let them find Him. 2 Chronicles 15:2,4, NASB

These verses reveal God’s mercy in allowing us to find Him. When a father plays hide and seek with his children, he may leave obvious clues around so that the children do not get distressed or tired in seeking him. God has a much grander plan than the fun and games that are the human father’s motive! God leaves clues around so that sinners may turn to Him and find forgiveness and mercy. God is only known to those who love Him, and part of that process is that we must seek Him. God’s Being and character are hidden to the selfish person, not because God is playing games, but because even if He spoke and revealed Himself, only those who love Him would discern His voice and loving personality. The same is true of the Scriptures. Many misinterpret the Word of God because they are deaf and blind to His wonderful character. God leaves evidence of Himself all around; His aim is not to be hidden, but to be found. If this were not so, we could never find Him. So, seek the Lord, knowing that it is His good pleasure to lead you right to Himself.