March 10

In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk. Acts 3:6

The key word of Jesus’ ministry to need-bound human beings is, ‘Rise!’  This is not a command to climb the rungs of the ladder or the steps of the tower that leads to God.  Firstly, the distance we would need to climb would be too great.  Secondly, we would always fail to reach the top in our own strength.  The word ‘rise’ is the word of resurrection.  It is the same word that Jesus used when he commanded the dead to rise – Mark 5:41 and Luke 7:14.  The word of the gospel is that we are to rise out of our fallen and paralysed condition, into the glory of resurrection, and there to walk and live.  When God’s Presence and blessings seem unattainable, don’t be downhearted or discouraged, for they are unattainable by our own strength.  That is the point.  Step out of the narrow world of unbelief, into the wide world of His very life and Person.  Grace comes to us every day with the power of resurrection, and in a moment we are there.  Rise up and walk!