January 13

Is it well with you? …And she answered, ‘It is well’ 2 Kings 4:26

When Elisha asked the poor bereaved mother this question, he must have clearly sensed the turmoil of her soul. Her response to the prophet was spontaneous and not contrived. Her words were of the same quality and stature as Job’s. Her heart was torn with grief and sorrow, but she answered these remarkable words of faith and trust that God was over all. How vital it is that we never let go of faith, no matter how deep the trial. These words opened the door for a miracle, and such words of trust always do. God is the God of miracles, and whether that miracle is a sudden healing of a broken body, or a sudden flood of heaven’s light on a grieving soul, a miracle will always come to the heart that truly believes. This woman was shaken to the core, but out of the awful pressure came the confession of her faith that all was well. This is the faith that rises to touch the throne, and that defies the waves and storms which threaten to overwhelm. God is faithful, and all is well. Confess it, believe it, and make this faith yours. Circumstances vary, but God is unchanging and faithful. All is well now – not merely some day, but right now. Tomorrow will bring resurrection, but we will not give up faith while waiting for resurrection – we must touch the throne today.