May 14

…it pleased God… to reveal His Son in me… Galatians 1:15-16

Paul here sums up his experience of salvation. He is explaining that the great purpose of God in every individual is to make our life a setting for Christ. If we keep this perspective, we can understand God’s plan in the detail. God is not interested in making me important, famous or great! He is not exalting me – He is using the material of my humanity to fashion a setting for Christ. He is the jewel, and I am the setting. If I think of myself as the jewel, then I must promote myself, and make others realise how full of faith I am. I must parade my achievements, hoping to gain credibility. But if I am merely the setting, then I can put aside all the stress and strain of being the centre of attention, and lift up Christ. This is the key to the poise of Christian living. I do not have to strive to be something, I must simply serve God’s purpose and exalt Christ. This immediately removes the hurt of being not noticed or appreciated. It is our joy to glorify the love and grace of God as revealed in the cross of Christ. Our chief joy is when He is praised, when He is thanked, when His touch is ministered. If our lives are a setting for self, then we are heading for frustration and disappointment. But if we truly love the glory of God, then we are filled with a joy that can know no disappointments.