February 24

Jesus, knowing that the Father had given all things into His hands… John 13:3

How many of us look at Jesus and really see Him? Most of us generally look at Him through the veil of personal need. We look to Him to provide. We look to Him for comfort. But in this verse John looked at Jesus and perceived His authority and His majesty. We are to get beyond the fact that God identified with us, and to begin identifying with Him. His thoughts are truly not our thoughts, nor His ways our ways. But we are not to take this to mean that we will not change. We are to look at Him with freedom from self and need, and look to see what is in His heart and what He is seeking. If we look, we will know, for He is not inscrutable, nor does He seek to hide Himself. Jesus came to this world to make the Father’s heart fully known. All He seeks is a heart that will really take time to search out and steadfastly look to Him, to know Him, and His heart’s desire. All those who truly love Him will get to that place. Seek Him, and find that place today.