March 6

…Jesus of Nazareth, who was a prophet mighty in deed and word before God and all the people. Luke 24:19

The two words “before God” are what mark someone out as different.  To live before God indicates the right order in life.  What we take as obvious for Jesus must become the foundation of our lives.  A person who lives before God may not be easy to explain or to pin down.  They will baffle us because they are obeying Another, and are not living to please or impress other people.  At the same time, they are extraordinarily uncomplicated, child-like and transparent.  To live before God indicates child-like simplicity and trust.  This is powerful living because it is rooted in the fear of God.  Note that our words and deeds in prayer and righteous living are first powerful before God.  They touch Him, and, as He wills, He gives us words and supernatural deeds of power to speak and do before people.  Reverse the order and the result is disastrous.  If we seek to appear mighty before people, we will constantly be victims of what they think of us, and this will be a breeding ground for hypocrisy and evil.  Let your power be in your words and deeds before God first.