March 11

Keep silence before Me, O coastlands, and let the people renew their strength! Isaiah 41:1

We tend, naturally, to be both afraid of silence and yet drawn to it.  Silence can bring the dawning realisation that our hearts are empty and dry.  The immediate temptation is to fill the void with noise and activity that bear some resemblance to spiritual life.  Thus, Christian meetings are filled with music, noise and praises.  All these are good things in their right place, but not if they cover up spiritual dryness, since they cannot of themselves satisfy our deep longing for God.  In the silence, we must face ourselves as we are, and let our hearts come to calm and peace before God.  Every person longs for this calm as the basis for communion, the place of revelation and the creating touch of the Holy Spirit.  The Spirit of Christ is always full of great calm and peace.  It is the place from which He lived and spoke on earth, without hurry or stress, and with infinite authority.  Silence is not an infallible method of renewing our strength, but it is the basis for faith to operate, and for God’s touch and word to reach us.  Still the constant churning of your mind.  Come to silence, look up to Christ, and let Him renew your strength.